El Toro Burgers & Ribs

Petrinjska ulica 2, Zagreb,
Zagreb, 10000 Croatia

Mon – Sat
11:00 – 24:00 h

For more information and reservations contact us on +385 99 613 2926

Burger selection

Our burgers are made from specially selected cuts of Black Angus beef, reared locally in Croatia on the M Brothers farm.

El Toro Classic

Brioche bun, 170 g burger patty, iceberg lettuce, onions, cheese, El Toro Classic burger sauce

55,00 Kn

El Toro Asado

Brioche bun, 170 g burger patty, iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, chimichurri mayo, salsa verde with roasted peppers and chorizo sausage

65,00 Kn

El Toro Chipotle

Brioche bun, 170 g burger patty, iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, spicy guacamole, chipotle sauce with rum

65,00 Kn

El Toro Spicy & Smoky

Brioche bun, 170 g burger patty, iceberg lettuce, spicy and smoky homemade BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese

60,00 Kn

Vegetarian falafel burger

Reccomended by waiter

50,00 Kn


The M Brothers farm also rears Mangalica pigs, an old Croatian breed, and their ribs are included in our menu. All ribs are served without side dishes, so you can select one from the list below.

Pork St. Louis style ribs, 350g

(a whole rack of St. Louis style ribs with the belly attached) Slow-cooked and roasted St. Louis style ribs covered with our sweet and spicy glaze

95,00 Kn

Pork spare ribs 450g

Aromatic slow-roasted spare ribs, homemade spicy BBQ glaze

85,00 Kn

Veal baby back ribs, 450g

Veal baby back ribs seasoned with our Toro dry rub spices, covered with a mild sweet and hot glaze and roasted

105,00 Kn

Black Angus short ribs

Black Angus beef short ribs slow-roasted and smoked in a smoker for 12 hours, seasoned with Toro dry rub spices

115,00 Kn

Side dishes

Sweet potato fries

25,00 Kn

Classic fries

15,00 Kn

Bacon cheese fries

20,00 Kn


22,00 Kn

Mixed salad

20,00 Kn

Spicy roasted beans

25,00 Kn

Grilled corn

25,00 Kn

Sauces and dips

BBQ sauce

8,00 Kn

Chimichurri mayo

8,00 Kn


8,00 Kn

El Toro hot sauce

8,00 Kn

Classic mayo

8,00 Kn

Not exactly burgers and ribs, but delicious nevertheless

Classics by our chef Mario Mihelj

Shrimp taco

Crispy shrimp tails fried in panko breadcrumbs, Chinese cabbage, sweet chili mayo, homemade teriyaki sauce and gomashio sprinkle

75,00 Kn

El Toro pulled bull quesadilla

Slow-cooked baby beef in a toasted tortilla with a homemade BBQ sauce, coleslaw, crispy fried onions, mozzarella cheese and baby leaf lettuce

85,00 Kn

Avocado salad

Leafy salad mix, spicy grilled avocado, baked ricotta cheese, homemade creamy dressing and crunchy seeds

65,00 Kn

Children’s mini burgers

80 g burger patty, small brioche bun, lettuce and burger sauce with fries

45,00 Kn

Jar desserts

given out by the waiter, 2 kinds

35,00 Kn