El Toro Restaurant
Fra Filipa Grabovca 1 street,
Zagreb, 10000 Croatia

Business hours:

Tuesday – Sunday
12:00 h – 24:00 h



Crispy fried tortilla, crispy cassava, plantain chips with two sauces, spicy tomato salsa and homemade crème fraîche with lime and herbs

6.00 €


Chicken Tacos

Marinated chicken, mango, almond, port and wheat tortilla (2 pcs.)

7.00 €
Vege Tacos

Wheat tortilla, marinated vegetables, mango, red beans (2 pcs.)

8.00 €
Hard shell taco

Pulled pork taco in a crispy corn tortilla, salsa verde, baked ricotta, baby lettuce (2 pcs)

9.00 €
Shrimp tacos

Shrimps fried in panko crumbs, aji amarillo mayonnaise, Chinese cabbage with sweet chilli sauce, baby leaf lettuce, teriyaki sauce and gomashio sprinkle (2pcs)

9.50 €


Cream of onion soup

Thick soup with Grana Padana and thyme

4.50 €


Crispy spring rolls with chicken

Torn drumstick and drumstick, ginger, peanuts, carrots, soy and lime (2 pcs.)

7.50 €
Stuffed leek rolls

Stuffed with marinated vegetables, tangerine, coffee and cinnamon

8.50 €
Veggie flatbread

With guacamole, marinated courgettes, pickled radishes, gomashio and baby lettuce. Crispy flatbread baked in a wood-fired oven.

10.00 €
Guacamole with smoked trout and crispy nachos

Avocado, lime, fresh chili, coriander leaves, smoked trout, olive oil and crispy tortillas

11.50 €
Sea bass tiradito

Fresh sea bass, passion fruit and aji sauce amarillo paste, dehydrated corn, pickled port, coconut cream and fennel, coriander oil

15.00 €
El Toro beef tartare

Baby beef fillet patty, a spicy smokey sauce with red onions, Cognac, Worchester sauce and green parsley cream sauce

17.00 €
El Toro Shrimp Ceviche

Argentinian red shrimp ceviche, citrus, chilli and olive oil marinade, mango, pickled onions, coriander oil and pea sprouts

17.00 €
Beef salad

Beefsteak 150 g, butternut squash, beets, cherry tomato and young spinach, orange

19.00 €

Main courses

Grilled celery steak

Sous vide celery steak, celery consomé, granny smith apple and pickled celery brunoise

11.00 €
Chicken Ragù

Chicken breast, porcini mushrooms, spring onions, carrots, celery and chile de árbol, served with sweet potato gnocchi

14.00 €
Baked eggplant

Baked eggplant halves coated with unagi sauce, toasted sesame, coriander, greek yogurt with mint

14.00 €
Spanish Paella

Squid, mussels and prawns, baked in rice, sheep's cheese and Grana Padano

15.00 €
Shrimp tails

Grilled shrimp tails, sautéed peas with mint, pickled fennel, cream made of carrots, cashew, beet powder and hazelnuts

15.00 €
Lost Sea Bass

Sea bass, quinoa, cauliflower channon, dry fig and orange, nutmeg, carrot

19.00 €
Fragrant slow-cooked octopus

With basil and cashew cream, purple pickled aromatic cabbage, crispy potatoes, lemon gel, pea sprouts and young olive oil

20.00 €
Slow cooked glazed lamb shank

Crispy chicory, chicory cream, passion fruit gel and dehydrated kale

21.00 €
Dry age duck breast with ghee butter

Mushroom ketchup, moss, royal oysters mushrooms, persimmon salsa, baby spinach and menta cream, duck skin greaves

22.00 €
Picanha Steak

Picanha Steak 230 g, potato, hazelnut, white beans and almonds

29.00 €
Wild boar in coffee beans

Boar fillet with back 250 g, porcini mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, carrots, thyme and rosemary, dried figs

30.00 €

Dish by order

El Toro suckling pig for 6 persons

Spanish suckling pig 5,5 – 6 kg, vegetables, aromatic potato, grilled chilli and spring onions, sweet and sour gravy, salad, coleslaw salad, homemade focaccia

213.00 €


Rib Black Angus Steak

100 g, dry ripening / 30 days

11.50 €
Txogitex T-bone (cca 500 g)

100 g

15.00 €
Txogitex Tomahawk

100 g

15.00 €
Veal striploin (250 g)
20.00 €
Beefsteak (250 g)
29.50 €
Argentina Black Angus Ribeye 350 g

Wet ripening / 45 days

55.00 €

Premium Steaks

Txogitex T-bone (cca 1.000 g)

100 g

15.00 €
Galician Txuleta

100 g

16.00 €
Australian Black Angus Tomahawk

100 g

17.50 €
Australian Wagyu Ribeye

100 g, wet ripening / 45 days, served with crispy fried gratin potato

39.00 €
Japanese Wagyu A5 striploin

100 g, certified Japanese Wagyu ribeye A5 served with crispy fried Gratin potato

67.00 €
Australian Black Angus Ribeye 350 g
79.00 €

Steak gravies

Green chili sauce

Coconut milk 0.05l, Green curry paste 3g

2.50 €
Chimichurri sauce

Olive oil 0.05l, Fresh herbs 10g, Apple vinegar 0.01l, Salt 1g

2.50 €
Black pepper sauce

Bulldog Black pepper sauce 0.05l

2.50 €

Side dishes

Crispy wood-fired baguette
3.00 €
Seasonal mixed salad
5.00 €
Mashed potatoes
5.50 €
Homemade fries
5.50 €
Mashed potatoes with garlic
5.50 €
Wok-fried broccoli with ginger and chilli
5.50 €
Grilled corn
5.50 €
Black rice with scallions
5.50 €
Crispy sweet potato
6.00 €



Raspberry gel, pistachio mousse

7.00 €
Chocolate Hazelnut Decadence

Chocolate sauce, cream and orange foam, caramelized chocolate bars

7.00 €

Crispy fried steamed dough, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, chocolate sauce with hazelnuts

7.00 €
Banana Caramel

Banana bread, peanut paste, mousse from bananas, dark caramel, salted caramel

7.00 €
Forest Noire

Brownie with sour cherry, sour cherry, yogurt mousse

7.00 €

Cookies, tiramisu cream, chocolate sphere

8.00 €
3.50 €
Last change: 19/01/2024
VAT and service are included in the price. Fixed conversion rate of the kuna to the euro: 1 euro = 7.53450 kuna. We do not serve alcohol to persons under the age of 18. If you have any complaints in respect of our services, you may contact us by mail or email: info@maredogrill.com. For a list of allergens, contact the restaurant staff.