A temperamental kitchen

The kitchen has a Latin American flavour and is run by the seasoned and renowned chef Mario Mihelj

Selected by Chef Mario Mihelj

I was thinking about how to offer the people of Zagreb something new and different. In fact, we encounter some of the ingredients in these dishes every day and use them in Croatian kitchens, and some were difficult to get, they are exotic for our climate… We took care to satisfy the Zagreb guests, i.e. that there is something for everyone on the menu. We offer gluten-free, lactose-free and vegetarian dishes. Of course, fish and meat are inevitable ingredients of Latin cuisine and are a large part of our menu, and we took care to satisfy every guest through our cooking style.

Get inspired in the moment

El Toro tells a special gastro story, since it is the first restaurant to bring the tastes of Latin America to Zagreb. Tailored to local flavours and tastes, the concept of Latin cuisine is based on clean and distinctive ingredients emblematic of Argentina, Peru, Chile and Uruguay, such as quinoa, sweet potato, black beans, black wild rice and yuca. In line with El Toro’s Latin gastro concept, the starters are based on interesting and approachable sharing where everyone at the table gets to try everything.

Chef Mihelj has devised an intriguing menu for EL Toro, consisting of pork belly tacos, shrimp ceviche, Losos tiradito, crispy duck breast, beef tartare with a twist, guacamole with smoked trout and Cuban mojo chicken. Of course, since Latin America is famous for its beef, the menu also lists veal striploin, beefsteak and aged ribeye steak.

Perfect food in a perfect ambience

The ambience and the exceptional spatial harmony are complemented by the soothing lighting, sophisticated interior design and select classic decorative materials, as well as exceptional attention to detail.

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Lunch or dinner, meat or salad, terrace, ground floor or gallery… You have multiple options, with El Toro’s team at your beck and call. Book your table online for an entertaining gastro experience!