El Toro Restaurant & Bar

Ulica Fra Filipa Grabovca 1,
Zagreb, 10000 Croatia

Mon – Sat
11:00 – 24:00 h

For more information and reservations contact us on +385 99 613 2926

09 / 2020



Crispy fried tortilla, crispy sweet potato, plantain chips with two sauces, spicy tomato salsa and homemade crème fraîche with lime and herbs

45,00 Kn



Jamón Ibérico 100g., a dry – cured ham from Spain, with a crispy baguette

150,00 Kn

Jamón flatbread

Thin slices of Jamón 60 gr., a dry – cured ham from Spain, on a crispy flatbread with manchego cheese cream, pickled shallots and baby kohlrabi salsa

135,00 Kn


Pork tenderloin tacos

Marinated with thyme, orange peel and pepper, salsa made from baby kohlrabi, cucumber, fennel and lime, baby leaf lettuce, a sauce made from roasted beetroot, ginger and yoghurt, crispy pumpkin seeds

60,00 Kn

Spicy beef tacos

Grilled marinated beefsteak, crème fraîche, mango and chilli salsa, shallots, fresh coriander leaves, baby leaf lettuce

70,00 Kn

Shrimp tacos

Shrimps fried in panko crumbs, aji amarillo mayonnaise, Chinese cabbage with sweet chilli sauce, baby leaf lettuce, teriyaki sauce and gomashio sprinkle

65,00 Kn

Curry chicken tacos

Chicken thigh and drumstick marinated in homemade yellow curry, grilled carrots and courgette, yoghurt with mint and cucumber, baby leaf lettuce, salsa made from grilled pineapple and sweet onion

55,00 Kn


Weekly cream soup

Seasonal soup, on request

45,00 Kn


Shrimp ceviche

Argentinian red shrimp ceviche, citrus, chilli and olive oil marinade, mango, pickled onions, coriander oil and pea sprouts

125,00 Kn

Guacamole with smoked trout and crispy nachos

Avocado, lime, fresh chili, coriander leaves, smoked trout, olive oil and crispy tortillas

85,00 Kn

El TORO beef tartare

Baby beef fillet patty, a spicy smokey sauce with red onions, Cognac, Worchester sauce and green parsley cream sauce

115,00 Kn

Crispy shrimp and chicken dumplings

Dumplings fried in panko crumbs with chicken, shrimp, wasabi mayonnaise and homemade sweet-and-sour orange and soy sauce

65,00 Kn


Gyoza stuffed with marinated pork, onions, gomashio, soy – mirin sauce

75,00 Kn

Beef salad

Baby beef fillet, baby leaf lettuce mix, ricotta cream cheese, cherry tomatoes, yoghurt and avocado dressing

115,00 Kn

Smoked tuna salad

Smoked tuna fillet with marinated vegetables, orange dressing, baby leaf lettuce and crunchy toasted sesame seeds

70,00 Kn

Creamy brodetto a la El Toro

Striped red mullet fillet and Argentinian shrimp tails with tomato, garlic, white wine and cashew cream sauce, fresh olive oil and baby leaf lettuce salad

125,00 Kn

Main courses

El toro smokey spicy burger

Black angus patty(M brothers farm), cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, iceberg salad, smokey spicy bbq sauce, brioche bun

75,00 Kn

Grilled chicken

Boned 400g half grilled chicken, homemade aromatic marinade, mixed salad. *Other side dishes can be ordered separately.

110,00 Kn

Glazed pork ribs

Ribs 300 g, coleslaw salad with creamy yoghurt mayonnaise dressing, mashed potatoes with garlic, orange glaze, aji panca peppers, cocoa and honey

105,00 Kn

Slow – cooked lamb shank

White vegetable puree (celeriac, parsnip, and fennel), red wine sauce and green beans made in wok with home – made chimichurri

105,00 Kn

Braised black pork cheek

Aromatic butternut squash puree, lightly fried scallions and forest – picked mushrooms, demi – glace

95,00 Kn

Roasted salmon fillet

Corn and chilli cream sauce, warm beluga lentil salad, grilled courgette, bell pepper and mango

110,00 Kn

Roasted monkfish tail

Lightly seared monkfish tail with aromatic crumbs, fresh herbs, fennel and vermouth cream sauce and pea sprouts

130,00 Kn

Octopus and calamari

Lightly roasted octopus tentacles and calamari rings, chickpea salad with green chermoula and roasted peaches, spicy basil cream sauce

120,00 Kn




195,00 Kn


350g, wet aged / 21 days

320,00 Kn


700-1000G, dry aged / 45 days

70,00 Kn

/ 100 g

Side dishes

Crispy wood-fired baguette

12,00 Kn

Homemade fries

25,00 Kn

Homemade fries with truffles and parmesan

30,00 Kn

Crispy sweet potato

30,00 Kn

Mashed potatoes with garlic

25,00 Kn

Seasonal mixed salad 

28,00 Kn

Black rice with scallions

30,00 Kn

Wok-fried broccoli with ginger and chilli

25,00 Kn

Grilled corn

25,00 Kn

Children's menu

Fried chicken fingers with homemade fries

50,00 Kn

Fried fish fingers with homemade fries


50,00 Kn


Fig Tart

Tart with hazelnut cream and marinated figs, white chocolate cream infused with thyme, hazelnut, fig gel

40,00 Kn

Poached pear

Poached pear, marinated in almond and vanilla liqueur, cream of cheese and almonds, reduced pear sauce, white caramelized chocolate and toasted almonds

40,00 Kn


Chocolate ginger mousse, chocolate glaze inserted with apricot, chocolate biscuit, baked apricots

40,00 Kn


Coconut mousse with caramel maracuja, glazed with crunchy dark 70% chocolate

40,00 Kn