El Toro Street Food

Petrinjska ulica 2, Zagreb,
Zagreb, 10000 Croatia

Mon – Sat
11:00 – 24:00 h

For more information and reservations contact us on +385 99 613 2926

09 / 2020


Crispy vegan bruschetta

Creamy crispy hummus, marinated roasted carrots and fennel,homemade olive oil and purpple cabbage

48,00 Kn

Shrimp tacos

Red argentinian prawns fried in panko bread ,chinese cabbage,sweet chili and aji amarillo Mayonnase ,gomashio and teryaki sauce

75,00 Kn

Creamy bulgur chicken salad

Vegetables, young salad with addition of marinated and grilled chicken drumpsticks and thigs

65,00 Kn

Cremy veggie bulgur salad

Bulgur with spring vegetables and young salad

45,00 Kn

Seasonal hot creamy soup

Reccomended by waiter

35,00 Kn

Main Courses

Crispy gyoza

Gyoza stuffed with marinated pork belly ,young onions, Asian coleslaw salad, gomashio and soy mirin souce

60,00 Kn

BBQ Spare ribs

Slowly cooked and glazed spare ribs with crispy potato and coleslaw salad

95,00 Kn

Fried rice chicken

Marinated chicken drumpsticks ,yasmin rice carrot,coriander and asian vegetables with Spicy peanuts and teryaki sauce

60,00 Kn

Glazed salmon steak

Salmon steak baked with miso glaze, black beluga lentil, roasted beetroot, Granny smith apple cream


85,00 Kn

Pulled pork steam buns

Steamed pastries with slowly cooked pork belly, creamy chives sauce and crisoy, cabbage and leek cucumber salad

64,00 Kn

El Toro pulled bull quesadila

Slowly cooked beef in a toasted quesadilla with homemade bbq sauce, coleslaw, crispy onions, mozzarella and mixed salad


85,00 Kn

Quesadila tex mex chicken

Boneless marinated chicken drumstick quesadilla, grilled eggplant, mozzarella, crunchy onion, mixed young salad and siracha sauce

65,00 Kn

El Toro king kebab

Mixed minced beef, pork, prawns, avocado salsa, grilled homemade buns, siracha mayo, sesame and fresh coriander

69,00 Kn

BBQ – Spicy chicken wings with sweet potato fries

Grilled and glazed chicken wings, young onions, fresh chili, coriander leaf, sesame and sweet potato fries as a sidedish

62,00 Kn

El toro black angus burger

Homemade brioche pastry, burger 150g, iceberg salad, tomato, onion, cheese, El toro secret burger, sauce

69,00 Kn

Side dishes

Crispy fries

24,00 Kn

Crispy sweet potato fries

28,00 Kn

Coleslaw salad

24,00 Kn

Mix salad

22,00 Kn

Homemade foccacia bread

15,00 Kn

Mashed local potatoes

24,00 Kn


Coco marakuja egg

Chocolate coconut egg stuffed with marakuja caramel puree and coconut cream

32,00 Kn

Choco almond orange

Orange, almond and honey biscuit with chocolate cream and kumqvat

32,00 Kn